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Discover the NYC’s largest database of headhunters. Easily connect with the right team.

How Does It Work?

Avoid the guesswork. Allow us to introduce you to the best recruiters in your industry.


schedule call

Arrange a call.

Give us the name of your business, industry, location, and the details of the job post you need to fill. Let us know when you are available and we will arrange a telephonic interview between you and one of our recruiting specialists.



Collaborate with a recruiting expert.

One of our recruitment specialists will contact you within one business day to establish your specific organizational needs, offer you advice, and answer any questions or concerns you might have.


get connected

Get connected & start interviewing.

We compile a list of specialty recruiters with established talent pools and expertise in your respective industry, field, and location. Once you have reviewed the list and given us the go-ahead, these recruiters will work to identify the best candidate according to your needs.


grow business

Expand your business.

Locating the right talent without delay is vital for business growth and stability. We work double time to source top talent so you can skip the guesswork and turn your attention to increasing your earnings.

How much does this cost?

We connect businesses with top recruitment specialists for free. There is no fee involved for employers at this time.
We may charge recruiters in our network a referral fee for a successful placement. However, the fees are never transferred to employers or job seekers.
Our mission is to change the way employers, job seekers, and recruiters interact and simplify the hiring and recruitment process for all parties.

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Explore Other Ways We Can Assist You

Retained Recruitment

  • We perform a needs analysis to give you an overview of all recruitment engagement models.
  • We evaluate numerous search firms and recruiters, so your list only includes those that meet your needs.
  • We assist in contract negotiation for your chosen recruiting firm.
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Contingency Recruitment

  • Post your job order and get a response from one of our contingent recruiting partners.
  • Choose from a vast pool of candidates to fulfill the requirements of your job order.
  • We vet each candidate to ensure an ideal match and offer ongoing support.
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Other Ways We Can Help

We also provide innovative recruiting and applicant-tracking software via our subsidiaries and unique partnerships. We aim to provide businesses of all sizes with a simple, affordable way of managing the entire recruitment process.

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